Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty Creator says:

"I created human beings, this planet and this universe for men and women to be my friends, my companions, to explore and learn and develop together, my greatest grief is that almost NO person understands this let alone seeks such a relationship with me!"

"The 'Rules of Engagement' between myself (Yah) and Satan prevent me telling YOU anything you do NOT know UNLESS YOU ask me or do something to put yourself in a place to hear NEW truths from me"

'"I (Yah) am limited in speaking to YOU by the mental barriers YOU have put in place with regard to what YOU believe I can say to you AND by YOUR vocabulary"


The Almighty Creator wants a deep personal relationship with YOU as His FRIEND

and wants to REWARD you in the life to come!

See pages Where are YOU Headed and What should YOU do for more information 

The purpose of serving Yah is NOT for what He will give us in THIS life, but for what we will give Him in exchange for His rewards to us in the life to come!!



Related Pages:

Creator Desires Deep Relationship

7 Components of Growing Close to Yah

Recommended Worship

These three articles are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, please read!!

Note that you can ONLY draw really close to our Father in Heaven IF you go to Him directly, human beings can give you suggestions BUT He will lead you along a unique path designed just for YOU -- no human being can do this

Pray "Father Yah I desire to draw close to You, please take me by the hand and guide me so that I may come to know You and have a deep personal relationship with You"

Then DO whatever you find to do, pray whatever you find to pray, read whatever you find to read, speak to whomever you find to speak to, go wherever you find to go, as Father leads, constantly ask Him for guidance and constantly check in with Him -- He wants you to hear Him and be led by Him to become first a servant, then an overcomer and finally a friend

There is much on this website to assist you with this journey -- I encourage you to GO FOR IT

You might like to start with the Creator Desires FRIENDS page.


An engineering approach to religion and knowledge of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Yah the eternally self-existing

In my teens and twenties I became increasingly disenchanted with the church because what it taught was inconsistent and often did not make sense, eventually I walked away and fell into serious sin

In 1993, steeped in sin and planning to kill myself, the Almighty spoke to me audibly such that I knew with absolute certainty that He was real

At that time I realized that if I had died that day I would NOT have entered heaven, I took a very intense decision to turn around and serve Him who had spoken to me

I am an engineer by training with a BSc and PhD in Civil Engineering and I consult to management on the strategic application of computer systems.

Having concluded that the Almighty WAS real I also concluded that, having created me, and all that I saw around me He WAS the best engineer in the Universe and, accordingly, He would NOT expect me to compromise my engineering training in terms of rigor or intellect

I hold that engineering is one of the most demanding occupations on the planet today, make a mistake and buildings collapse, systems fail.  The world of structures, machines, electronics, software is extremely unforgiving and therefore the level of rigor that engineers perforce adopt is great.  I decided that the Almighty would NOT expect me to compromise on my engineering rigor even a little bit and therefore EVERYTHING was capable of rigorous analysis and understanding

In over 20 years I have NEVER found reason to go back on or question this decision

I also chose to rely on the Almighty Himself to guide me.

Yes I would learn from people BUT, when I did NOT understand what they said, I would ALWAYS turn to Him for answers.  I have slipped on this a few times and relied on men BUT nearly ALL the time I have relied on Him to teach me.  In the process I have come to understand that just about everything that the church teaches is massively in error and at odds with the truths of the Almighty, just as was the case in the days of Yahooshua {Jesus}

Since 2000 almost all my learning has been directly from Him with other humans providing occasional snippets of information

What is presented on this website is founded on these two principles -- engineering rigour and answers directly from the Almighty.  This is underpinned by an intense personal experiential knowledge of the existence of the Almighty Creator grounded in His deep desire to have a DEEP personal relationship with each one of us AND to talk to us and counsel us and guide us in EVERYTHING

He is JUST as interested in your areas of expertise and interest as you are.  He created each one of us to walk with Him and talk with Him

When considering what you find on this site please keep in mind that you should NEVER follow me or ANY other human, follow ONLY Yah.  It is up to YOU what you take from this site, you must exercise your intellect.

Be aware that I am human and fallible and come from the same background of gross error as everyone else on this planet and, accordingly, my understanding today is in many cases very different to what it was ten years ago or even more recently.  Accordingly my recent articles may differ materially from earlier articles on the same subject.  The more recent articles are generally more accurate.

At the end of the day YOU must discern what is truth and what is error on this website -- you are accountable for what you believe on the Day of Judgment.

Should you find issues you disagree with you are welcome to contact me.

That said I testify that I have spent thousands of hours seeking to draw close to Father and that I have prayed regularly to be shown the level of my present deception and how to correct it and asked for judgement for sin so I DO have a high level of confidence that much of what is on this site IS largely given by Him and can be trusted.

I pray that as you visit this site you will find reasons to draw closer to Him, that you will find answers to difficult questions and that your intellect will be challenged in the satisfying way that mine has been

James Robertson, PrEng, BSc (Eng), PhD

Yah, the Almighty Creator says:

"There is a huge issue in terms of believers thinking they can believe what suits them and do what suits them thereby abdicating their responsibility to serve me faithfully and overcome"

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

This addresses the most fundamental question facing every human being

WHY believe in the Almighty Creator?

The short answer is that IF you believe in Him you qualify to spend eternity in Heaven with Him

In this context He has said “why would I want someone to spend eternity with me when they do NOT believe I exist?”

IF you do NOT believe He exists once you die you will spend the remainder of the 7,000 years from Creation as an Ancestor Spirit or Demon and, at the end of the 7,000 years IF Satan wins the Contest you will remain on earth as an ancestor spirit under the rule of Satan for eternity

If Satan loses the contest you will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone and utterly consumed in a moment of terror and torment

So, there are some GOOD reasons to believe in the Creator 

Furthermore, should you choose to believe you then have the opportunity to pay no attention to Him in this life and spend eternity in the "Outer Darkness" in Heaven a dark and cold place where you are ignored for eternity the same way you ignored the Creator in this life


You can put significant effort into building a close relationship with Him so that you qualify as an Overcomer or Friend and sit on a high throne close to Him for eternity in a position of great power, esteem and authority

The choice is yours


The Essential Goals of this Website

1. Seeking a deep and intimate personal relationship with the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing and infilling with His Spirit

2. Seeking Judgment in this life in order to overcome to the end and be found a Good and Faithful Servant on the Day of Judgment

3. Seeking to restore the lost Truth's of the Almighty Creator and correction of error towards All Truth

4. Seeking Truth NOT Error

5. Seeking practical and accurate understanding of the world we live in and how to live this life

6. Seeking to learn how to reign over the forces of darkness in this life

7. Seeking to challenge YOU to raise your game in your relationship with the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing TODAY

About End Time Issue Ministries

When Father gave me the name "End Time Issue Ministries" in the latter part of the 90's I had very little understanding of "the end times" and thought that "Jesus is coming soon"

I had NO idea that over the next sixteen years I would come to have a radically different understanding of the End Times to the widely held beliefs, that I would be challenging just about every area of church teaching and that I would have written thousands of pages on related matters

I also had NO idea that the "End Times" in fact related to a period of a thousand years during which men would be required to restore the truths of the Almighty lost in the first six thousand years in a contest with Satan that would either see Satan rule on earth for eternity, or be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, together with all his followers both messengers {angels} and humans {demons / ancestor spirits}

End Time Issue ministries has as its core focus being to seek the truths of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, whose true name is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, and publish these on the Internet for those who are seeking truth to evaluate and take on board IF they discern what is presented to be valid and valuable with a view to ensuring that the Almighty wins the contest and Yahooshua does return to receive his kingdom

If while visiting this site you conclude that there really is a Creator and you have doubted or not believed previously, click here for a suggested prayer to pray >>

If while visiting this site you conclude that you have been in serious sin with regard to the Names, the person of Yahooshua, the book {bible}, etc click here for a suggested prayer to pray>>

Click here for a selection of directional and defensive prayers that I have found to be powerful and effective>>

Caution: This website contains ERRORS

22 March 2014

At this date this website contains of the order of close to 1,000 articles and 500 pages

Some of the items were written as long ago as 1998

At that time I believed that the name of the Almighty Creator was "God" or "The LORD", that he had come to earth in the form of a man called "Jesus" who had died on a cross, that He had reserved Sunday as his day of rest and worship, etc

In the years that followed I progressively learned that "God", "The LORD" and "Jesus" were blasphemous names and the true name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing" frequently reflected as "Yahooeh" or less accurately "Yahweh".  The MAN commonly called "Jesus" was a man filled with the Spirit of the Almighty and that his true name is "Yahooshua" meaning "Yah is salvation".  This man died on a "stake' and NOT a "cross"  -- the cross is a Satanic pornographic symbol.  I also learned that Sunday is the first day of the week and the day of the Sun and is a Satanic sabbath and that Yah's true Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, Saturday.  I have learned a huge number of other important truths many of which are presented on this website

I have also learned the importance of fasting in drawing close to Yah and hearing Him clearly and have also been through numerous sessions of deliverance from demons such that I ALSO know with certainty that things I wrote many years ago that I truly believed were from Father contain material error

I have learned many other things and continue to learn day by day such that I know with certainty that most of the older articles contain material error although they ALSO contain significant truth

As I learn day be day I can look back on things I wrote even a week or a few weeks ago and realize that some of what I wrote contains error

Yet Father Yah has told me  NOT to go back and censor or edit or remove older articles but to leave them on the site

He has told me that it is up to YOU to discern truth from error and to turn to Yah to seek truth and NOT rely on me

See the pages on "Relationship with Yah" and  "Seek Truth Not Error" for more information

Going forward

I have NO certainty that I will not fall away into error as so many have done in this age and therefore I have NO certainty that what I may write in the next few minutes let alone many months or years from now will be accurate

I believe that what I have written in the last few years IS largely accurate and yet I know that my  understanding has developed considerably in that time

I believe that what I am writing at the moment is largely accurate but, since I do NOT know what I do NOT know I cannot give you ANY guarantee

Accordingly, I urge you to turn to Father Yah and seek a deep personal relationship with Him such that He can tell you PERSONALLY what is truth and what is error

James Robertson

22 March 2014


There is much on this site that is controversial -- what do you do if you do not agree?

A substantial amount of what is presented on this website is unconventional and much is highly controversial, some would say "provocative"

That has been the lot of Yah's spokesmen and women {prophets} throughout the ages

The challenge with regard to this controversy is to establish what IS true

Debate and rational discussion is unlikely to resolve such disputes, it was that sort of thinking that got the human race into the situation it is in in the first place

There is ONLY one way to find out if what I have written is totally correct, partially correct or totally incorrect, ask the Almighty

If you do NOT have a relationship with the Almighty at a level which allows you to ask the question "Father, is what James Robertson writes about such and such correct?" then that is the first problem to be overcome

Our Father in heaven created mankind in order for EACH ONE OF US to have a DEEP PERSONAL relationship with Him such that we can EACH ask that question ourselves

Father did NOT intend you to have to figure it out with your own intellect, ask your Pastor, Priest or Home Cell Leader or ANY other human being

He intended for YOU to ask Him directly

For this reason I will NOT engage in debate or rationalization with you -- I WILL answer sincere requests seeking knowledge, amplification or clarification

Please take note of the fact that I declare that there are MANY errors on this site because the content has been written over more than 16 years and I have learned a considerable amount in that period so, if you find something that is relatively old that you do NOT agree with first check out whether it is corrected in a later article and, PROVIDED you are seeking knowledge, by ALL means email me for clarification -- James@End-Time-Issue-Ministries.org

Assuming that you do NOT hear Father Yah clearly enough to simply ask Him if what I have written is valid and then clearly hear His answer I suggest the following:

1. Pray the prayers that are set out further down this page -- in particular ask Father to show you the level of your present deception and how to correct it and ask Him to judge you severely and correct you harshly so that you may serve Him more perfectly -- do this daily for a year and make all the corrections that you are shown -- there are many other prayers on the Prayer page

2. Worship DAILY for at least an hour using anointed worship songs -- see the Worship page for my recommendations

3. Clean up your life comprehensively, deal with ALL sin in your life and seek to eliminate ALL unacceptable practices from your life -- see the Life without Sin page

4. Seek help from an anointed servant of the Almighty to cast out ALL demons -- see the page on Immersion for Cleansing and related pages

5. Go on seven three day total fasts (water only) at intervals of seven days and repeat again at intervals of six months until you have completed three programs of fasting over slightly more than a year and dealt with all you find to deal with during and after these fasts -- you could also go on a forty day water only fast instead if you are in a hurry but you then need to arrange medical supervision and be prepared for the possibility that you will be very weak and confined to bed for the second half of the fast -- see the page onFasting

6. Focus on developing a close personal relationship with Father -- see the Relationship with Yah page 

7. Ask Father whether the item you are questioning that I have written is correct -- you can also ask Him to speak to you through others, through books, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc and be alert to any indication that He IS speaking to you -- by the time you have carried out points 1 to 6 you will find that the Almighty is revealing things to YOU that I have NOT addressed and He will readily inform you as to which of my writings are accurate and which not

8. Email me

The REAL ISSUE is for you to get MUCH closer to Father THEN you do NOT need to stress about the validity of what I have written, you will KNOW

About our Logo

The End Time Issue Ministries Logo which looks like a flattened S on its side represents the continuum between the good of Yah and the evil of Satan.

The left hand side which dips down dips down to the extreme of all evil in the Pit of Hell which is Satan's way of doing things

The right hand side which rises steeply rises to the extreme of all good in Heaven which is the Almighty Creator's way of doing things and where the Almighty and Yahooshua live and their way of doing things

End Time Issue Ministries and this website seek to address issues that are necessary to climb the metaphorical "Mountain of Yah (the Almighty)" and draw close to Him. The continuum is illustrated in more detail by the following diagram:


It is important to understand that there is a huge difference between "good" as we understand it in our society and "good" as the Almighty sees it -- true good is being aligned with the Almighty and doing things His way which starts out by having a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Him -- without having a personal relationship with the Almighty you are, by definition, a servant of Satan and therefore EVIL

Thus we find that our world is full of a LARGE amount of human GOOD but is EVIL when viewed from the perspective of the Almighty

An essential component of loving the Almighty is that you KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, problem is that there is SO much error in the world that we hardly know what His commandments are, let alone how to keep them -- see the series of pages on the Commandments to see just how FAR we have fallen from the Almighty's standards of righteousness

Based on these criteria the Almighty says that this generation is the MOST evil generation that has EVER lived and that there are almost NO truly GOOD people on the earth today

End Time Issue Ministries is dedicated to seeking to learn the truths of the Almighty and publish them so that people who are TRULY seeking to climb the right hand side of the curve have access to information to help them do this

It is my prayer that YOU will choose to climb the mountain to draw close to the Almighty in Relationship, in Truth and in Anointing (infilling of His Spirit)

If, after visiting this site you decide you really want to JUMP start your relationship with the Almighty then:

1. Pray the prayers that are set out further on the Prayer page -- in particular ask Father to show you the level of your present deception and how to correct it and ask Him to judge you severely and correct you harshly so that you may serve Him more perfectly -- do this daily for a year and make all the corrections that you are shown -- there are many other prayers on the Prayer page -- keep on praying these prayers for the rest of your life

2. Worship DAILY for at least an hour using anointed worship songs -- see the Worship page for my recommendations

3. Clean up your life comprehensively, deal with ALL sin in your life and seek to eliminate ALL unacceptable practices from your life -- see the Life without Sin page

4. Seek help from an anointed servant of the Almighty to cast out ALL demons -- see the page on Immersion for Cleansing and related pages

5. Go on seven three day total fasts (water only) at intervals of seven days and repeat again at intervals of six months until you have completed three programs of fasting over slightly more than a year and dealt with all you find to deal with during and after these fasts -- you could also go on a forty day water only fast instead if you are in a hurry but you then need to arrange medical supervision and be prepared for the possibility that you will be very weak and confined to bed for the second half of the fast -- see the page on Fasting

6. Focus on developing a close personal relationship with Father -- see the Relationship with Yah page

Email me on James@End-Time-Issue-Ministries.org for guidance

The main components of information on this website

This website contains a lot of content so you may find it challenging to find exactly what you are looking for

The website as a whole contains over 600 webpages nested to up to four levels deep so it is challenging to find what you are looking for on the menu

There are also over 300 articles written since 2009 and another 600 plus articles written before this

The Google Site Search in the top bar of every page and also in the right hand side bar allows you to search the entire site as indexed by Google

The Table of Contents lists all the pages on the website according to the structure of the menu

The "Articles" page lists all recent articles (since 2009)

The "Articles Keyword Cloud" page provides links to many articles based on keywords and is also in the sidebar

The "Articles Search" in the Right Hand Sidebar provides the facility to search ALL the articles from 2009 onwards

The "Articles To 2009" page lists over 600 older articles which are NOT catalogued or indexed so you will need to search them manually

I hope that you will find what you are looking for, if NOT please email me on James@End-Time-Issue-Ministries.org for more information


Seek Truth NOT Error

One of the things that I regularly encounter is believers who are offended by the error or sin in the lives of others and who have a great need to talk about it.

Read more >

Caution -- Caution -- Caution -- Caution -- Caution

There is no one on the planet who is without error -- if I knew where I was in error I would correct it.

We are each accountable on the Day of Judgment for what we believe and what we do with the knowledge we receive.

I accept accountability for what I have posted on this site.

YOU are accountable for what you do with it -- it is up to you to sift what is here, pray about it and discern what is truth and then act on the truth you find while disregarding that which is NOT truth,

I pray that Yah the Eternally Self-Existing (the Almighty Creator) will blow away anything you read that is not from Him and that what you read that IS from Him will take deep root in your heart in the name of Yahooshua the anointed of Yah {Jesus Christ}

I hope that you derive value from this site

James Robertson


Turning history on its head -- overwhelming proof of a GLOBAL FLOOD

In 2011 End Time Issue Ministries produced a series of videos which exhaustively prove there has been a global flood from various viewpoints

These videos are available to view on this site

Most people pooh pooh the idea of a global flood But everywhere you go on earth the evidence is STARING YOU IN THE FACE!



This video, "Turning history on its head -- Proof of a Global Flood" presents a comprehensive analysis of the huge diversity of evidence around the world that shouts of the occurrence of a global flood.

Read more >>>

True Names

In 2000 the Almighty started to deal with me about a wide variety of issues, one of these was His true Name.

I quickly encountered teachings which stated that His Name was “Yahweh”, based on a fairly widely used transliteration of the Hebrew “YHWH”, which occurs over 5,000 times in the books of the Bible from Genesis to Malachi, the so-called “Old Testament”.

As He led me further I discovered that this word was more accurately transliterated as “Yahooeh” and that it was more accurately translated as “Yah the Eternally Self-Existing”.

Read more >>>

About Words and Names

You will notice that in addition to using the correct names for Yah the eternally self existing {the LORD}, the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and for Yahooshua {Jesus} I also make use of other unconventional words.

This is because our language today has been contaminated by pagan influences and by religious words that do not accurately reflect that true essence of the physical reality that is being represented.

Examples are:

I use Instead of
Yah The LORD
Yah the Eternally Self-Existing The LORD, Yahooeh and Yahweh
Mighty one God
Almighty God

Yahooshua Jesus
Anointing of the Spirit of Yah {the Lord} Christ
One anointed with the Spirit of Yah Christ

Immerse Baptize
Messenger Angel
Set-apart Holy

Emissary Apostle
Spokesman of Yah Prophet
Shepherd Pastor

The Book Bible

Numerous other words.

Use of these words results in greater precision of understanding and, in some cases removes great misunderstanding, for example, when we understand that "Christ" refers to the Spirit of the Creator on a human being.


Where will YOU Spend Eternity?

The most important question for any human being today is "Where will YOU spend eternity?"

The answer to this question is NOT as easy as most believers think.

This eBook examines in some depth what is required in order to spend eternity in Heaven and sets out the basis of the argument for this understanding in considerable detail

I regard this as one of the most important documents I have ever written.

Read more >>>


What is the origin and purpose of man -- Creation versus Evolution

Another challenging question is "where did we come from" or in other terms "why are we here". 

The eBook "The origin and purpose of man – Creation versus Evolution" undertakes an in depth examination of the question of whether there is a creator or not and how to reconcile much of what is believed by evolutionists with much of what is believed by creationists.

This is undertaken as far as possible from the premise of looking for truth rather than error in what both sides believe.

I like to believe that the conclusion is convincing but I will leave you to assess that for  yourself...


Yah's plan for healing marriage in the twenty first century -- towards heaven on earth in marriage

Another challenging question is "why is there so much divorce when the Almighty says that He 'hates' divorce" or in other terms "what is wrong with marriage today, why is it broken".

This audio series examines these questions in considerable depth and then offers a solution, the plan of the Creator to heal marriage, the covenant relationship between man and woman as He intended it to be.

This series of 55 audio teachings plus another 40 supporting teachings is available on Data CDs and can be ordered from us

READ MORE on the Marriage Teachings>>>

Other documents in this series include:

The scriptural definition of marriage, adultery and divorce – a book of several hundred pages analyzing every verse in the bible that relates to marriage and the relationship between men and women

The REAL issues in marriage -- critical issue analysis of the strategic priorities for marriage – an in depth strategic analysis of what is required for a successful marriage in which the Almighty is placed first


Important truths relating to the matters of Yah the eternally self-existing

Over the years Father Yah (the Almighty Creator) has led me to understand many important truths.

This article summarizes many of the most important of these.

Most of these items cross reference to other documents on this site.

Many of these points are highly challenging, please refer the document relating to actions to take in the event you do not agree with any of the points in this document.

Read more >>>


Articles up to the Day of Atonement 2009

Older articles are also listed on this site but are NOT analyzed in detail

Only articles from the Day of Atonement in 2009 onwards are analyzed and reported on in detail on this site

There are many foundational articles in the earlier writings albeit that some DO contain significant error as I was going through a steep learning curve at the time they were written -- click here to see the listing of older articles


Random Selection of Articles Published on the End Time Issue Ministries Mailing List Since the Day of Atonement 2009

2014. NO Idols

We are commanded NOT to worship idols, an idol is anything or anyone that takes on a status in our lives that accords them the reverence, respect or worship that belongs ONLY to Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty Creator

2014. Prostitution

Sex with a prostitute results in a one flesh bond with that prostitute in the event of male ejaculation vaginally, orally or anally and, since the woman already has a one flesh bond with another man, this is adultery and is forbidden, use of male prostitutes by females is equally forbidden

2014. Protection

A key benefit of serving Yah is His protection, give thanks regularly that His messengers encamp around you to protect you AND deal with ALL sin in your life, as long as you have sin the protection of Yah is limited

2018.03.30 Summing Up -- Relationship with Yah Part 1

Summing Up -- Relationship with Yah Part 1

2014. Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare relates in part to deliverance, in part to tearing down strongholds and largely to conquering sin in our own lives and achieving a high level of obedience to Yah, much of what takes place in the name of Spiritual Warfare is meaningless

Headlines of this Website

This website contains over 600 webpages and numerous additional articles – these are organized under about 70 main pages that are displayed on the main menu with numerous child pages under many of these pages

The headlines of each of these pages are presented below and provide a comprehensive headline overview of the material on this site

The Google Site Search, Article Search, Article Categories, Article Keyword Cloud and Article Sliders all provide ways for you to locate information that is relevant to you, I encourage you to pray to the Almighty to guide you in your search

IF you are unable to find what you are looking for please email me on James@End-Time-Issue-Ministries.org

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

This addresses the most fundamental question facing every human being

WHY believe in the Almighty Creator?

The short answer is that IF you believe in Him you qualify to spend eternity in Heaven with Him

In this context He has said “why would I want someone to spend eternity with me when they do NOT believe I exist?”

IF you do NOT believe He exists once you die you will spend the remainder of the 7,000 years from Creation as an Ancestor Spirit or Demon and, at the end of the 7,000 years IF Satan wins the Contest you will remain on earth as an ancestor spirit under the rule of Satan for eternity

If Satan loses the contest you will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone and utterly consumed in a moment of terror and torment

So, there are some GOOD reasons to believe in the Creator

Furthermore, should you choose to believe you then have the opportunity to pay no attention to Him in this life and spend eternity in the "Outer Darkness" in Heaven a dark and cold place where you are ignored for eternity the same way you ignored the Creator in this life


You can put significant effort into building a close relationship with Him so that you qualify as an Overcomer or Friend and sit on a high throne close to Him for eternity in a position of great power, esteem and authority

The choice is yours


The TRUE Name of the Creator is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

The true Name of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is frequently represented as "Yahweh" or, more correctly, "Yahooeh" which is an inaccurate anglicization of the true essential Name of the Almighty which is "Yah the Eternally Self-Existing"

Yah's true name is VERY important to Him, just as my name, "James" is important to me, I do NOT answer to "John" or any other name, I do NOT even answer to "Jim" or "Jimmy" which are commonly used abbreviations of "James"

This page contains substantial information about the true Name of the Almighty and its significance historically and in understanding the historic writings in the bible and elsewhere

This information and the use of the correct names is VITAL to clearing up massive confusion that exists amongst believers as well as the world at large

Many years ago, as I was first exposed to teachings about the name of the Almighty Creator and His servant, Yahooshua {Jesus} I asked Him if it was important to make the adjustments necessary to use names that were entirely unfamiliar and quite difficult to pronounce

His reply was simple... "James, how would you like it if your family called you by the name of your worst enemy?"

It took me some years to fully comprehend the significance of this statement in the context of a number of key FALSE names:

1. The LORD (correct form is Yahooeh actually "Yah the Eternally Self-Existing")

The name "The LORD", substituted over 7,000 times in the bible for "Yah the Eternally Self-Existing" (Yahooeh {Yahweh}) is actually an accurate translation of "Baal" a major demonic Mastermind and pagan (that is Satan worshipper) god

The use of the term "the lord" in the context of Yahooshua {Jesus} coupled to "The LORD" in the context of the Creator has contributed to the massive confusion that sees Yahooshua being equated with Yah by most believers thereby breaking the first commandment which is "Yah the Eternally Self-Existing is ONE Mighty One, you shall have NO mighty one's beside Him"

2. God (correct form is Almighty or Mighty One depending on context)

"God" is the name of a Germanic demonic entity or "god" and its subsitution for the underlying Hebrew word "Elohim" that translates "Mighty One" or "mighty one" depending on context has given rise to major confusion -- insofar as Yahooshua {Jesus} IS a mighty one, he IS a "god" but He is NOT the "Almighty Mighty One", that is, "Yah the eternally self existing"

3. Jesus (correct form is Yahooshua)

The man commonly referred to as "Jesus" was a Hebrew from Yahoodah {Judah} and therefore a Yahoodite {Jew}, he was given the same name as the man who led Yisrael {Israel} into the land of "Ysrael", commonly and inaccurately referred to as "Joshua", both men were actually called "Yahooshua" which means "Yah IS Salvation" 

The use of "Jesus" and ignorance of the true name "Yahooshua" which directly evidence that the person bearing the name is NOT the Creator (Yahooshua REFERS directly to the Creator) has also given rise to major confusion

"Jesus" is also a pagan name that relates to "Zeus" another demonic Mastermind and pagan (Satan worshipper) god (mighty one)

4. Christ (correct form is anointing / anointed)

The incorrect translation of references to the "anointing" of the Spirit of Yah as "Christ" AND references to people who are "anointed ones" also translated "Christ" has further given rise to massive error and confusion

Yahooshua the man, filled with, that is ANOINTED WITH, the Spirit of Yah, was an "anointed one", that is "Christ", and thus "Jesus Christ" accurately translates "Yahooshua the anointed of Yah" and, again clearly evidences the distinction between the MAN "Yahooshua" and the "anointing" {Christ} -- it is thus apparent that it was the "anointing of the Spirit of Yah", that is the "Christ" that performed the miracles THROUGH the MAN Yahooshua

This error contributes in a major way to the confusion with regard to the identity of Yahooshua through people equating "Christ" with "Jesus"

With this understanding it is apparent that the true meaning of the word "Christian" is "one anointed with the Spirit of Yah" from which we discover that very few of the people who call themselves "Christian" are, in fact, "anointed one's" and from this we see that the religion known as "Christianity", correctly "the religion of the anointed one's" is false and fraudulent in terms of the vast majority of those who adopt that label and therefore, since the vast majority of Christians are, in strict terms unbelievers (worship of Jesus is pagan, that is Satanic and NOT from Yah) which makes broad based "Christianity" a pagan, that is Satan worshipping, religion

The fact that there ARE some Christians who ARE anointed one's does NOT make the religion acceptable, Yah has been speaking for decades telling those who truly love Him to "come out of her my people"

Once all these deceptions have been understood and moved out of one's daily life one can begin to develop a deep personal relationship with the Almighty Creator and cease sinning

Note that if you do NOT know the true Name of the Almighty it is NOT possible to keep the third commandment which is "you shall NOT take the Name of Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, your Mighty One in vain", once you know that His name is Yah you will know that words like "Yahoo", "Ja", "Jah", "Jahwohl", etc are blasphemous and should be avoided at all costs

It is NOT possible to fully understand the historical writings without understanding this truth

It is also NOT possible to fully relate to the Creator if one does not know His true name

The articles on this page go into a lot more detail and I encourage you to study them carefully


This website is the culmination of applying Engineering Principles to the matters of the Almighty Creator since 1993

I have been designing and making things that work since about the age of five, I have a Bachelors Honors degree in Engineering and a PhD in Engineering and have been a registered Professional Engineer for many years

I hold that Engineering is very robust and demanding -- things, whether machines, buildings, bridges, computer software, etc ONLY work if they are exactly designed, exactly built and exactly operated -- Engineering as an occupation and a way of doing things focusses on designing and building things that work reliably and sustainably for the design life

Between the age of around 24 and 40 I became increasingly disillusioned with religion because it did NOT satisfy my requirements for rigour, precision, ability to be understood, etc -- by rejecting the sloppy approach of established religion I made the mistake of also almost entirely rejecting the Creator as NOT existing, a mistake that many logical, thinking people make

In March 1993 the Almighty spoke to me audibly as described elsewhere on this site and I turned back to Him who had spoken to me

In doing this I took a decision that since He had created everything with such obvious precision it was clear that He would NOT require me to compromize my Engineering ways of thinking and analyzing and I therefore set about learning about Him on the basis that

1. He is an Engineer amongst all His other talents and abilities

2. Therefore everything He does is logical and able to be understood

3. He is willing and able to answer EVERY sincere, probing, inquiring question seeking after understanding

He has operated with me on this basis now for over 21 years at time of writing (June 2014 -- age sixty) and I commend this approach to anyone who is seeking truth and particularly to those sceptics who are highly educated and have been turned off belief in the Almighty as a consequence of the irrational and illogical teachings of institutional religion 


Yah, the Creator, desires to have deep personal relationships with people who become His friends

THE ultimate goal of ALL this, the entire Creation, the entire history of Earth, the entire society in which we live is for human beings to come into existence through procreation from Adam and Chavah {Eve} and live lives that afford them the opportunity to qualify to enter heaven, to be found to be good and faithful servants, to be overcomers and to become friends of the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing

Of these the HIGHEST goal is to become a FRIEND of the Almighty in THIS life

A friend of the Almighty is one who has strenuously worked to developed a close personal relationship with the Almighty, through faith, sacrifice, discipline by choice

A person who has done the hard yards to grow in obedience, dealt with sin, aligned themselves with the Almighty, sought a deep personal relationship, prayed the right prayers, spent thousands of hours in worship, prayer, study and seeking the Creator

A friend of the Almighty is a person to whom the Almighty confides His plans and discusses them, consults with asks the opinion of and a person to which He admits His mistakes

YES, the Almighty DOES make mistakes, Satan was a  mistake, a failed experiment, The Contest in which we find ourselves today was a mistake, permitting Ham to enter the survival vessel with his father, Noah, was a mistake, etc

A friend is one who does just enough to provide for themself and devotes as much time as possible to the service of the Almighty, a person who is entirely dependent on the Almighty and totally in love with Him

The Almighty desires friends ABOVE ALL ELSE

People who remain true to their friendship with Yah to the END of their lives will, on their death, sit on the highest thrones in Heaven very close to Yah and Yahooshua {Jesus} -- there is NO GREATER PRIZE than being a friend of the Almighty and the reward in the life to come is beyond anything we can imagine today in terms of the esteem, the honor, the glory, the authority, the power that awaits these people

There are few people in any generation who truly qualify as friends and there have only been a few men in ALL of history who have been so close to the Almighty that they have REALLY made a difference

The most notable friends to date have been Noah, Moshe {Moses}, Yahooshua {Jesus} and Mohammed

There have been friends in every generation who have NOT played such dramatic roles in the world, these include Abraham and David and many others

You may not aspire to such high status BUT it IS available to YOU

It is available to everyone of us to become friends of the highest standing

There is a huge amount of work to be done in this generation and there is place for friends who will make a DRAMATIC difference

Are YOU willing?

Do YOU aspire to please your Father in Heaven and become His Friend?

There is much on this site to assist you, I encourage you to pull out ALL the stops and "go for it"

About James Robertson and End Time Issue Ministries

This section contains more detailed information regarding James Robertson, End Time Issue Ministries and James Robertson's business through which he supports this ministry


Building a close relationship with Yah the Eternally Self Existing, the Almighty Creator

The fundamental reason we exist is to have a close personal relationship with the Creator

To be His friend and for Him to be our best friend, our counsellor, our comforter, our advisor in every sense

He wants to be actively involved in your life, to guide you, to help you make discoveries and inventions in whatever line of commerce and enterprise you are involved in, play a role in raising your children, etc

He wants to learn with you, He created this amazing Universe as a voyage of discovery for Himself to share with US

Will YOU seek a deep personal relationship with Him?

Will YOU help Him to overcome sin and error in this world and defeat Satan and the forces of darkness?

IF you will, you will find that it is challenging and, in spiritual terms, hard work but there are HUGE rewards which are:

FRIEND OF THE ALMIGHTY: If you truly succeed in drawing close to the Almighty such that you become His friend, confidante, advisor, He will reward you at the end of your life with a high throne of unimaginable beauty and majesty, great esteem and great authority in the Spiritual Realm -- very few quality for this status -- Noah, Abraham, Moshe {Moses}, Dawid {David}, Yahooshua {Jesus}, Muhammed are amongst the most notable

If you do NOT go ALL OUT you can still quality for the following:

OVERCOMER: one who has overcome the adversities of this world, overcome sin and error in your own life, made sacrifices in your service and relationship with the Almighty, you too will quality for a throne in Heaven for eternity albeit NOT quite such a prestigious throne

GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT: If you do NOT reach the level of ruling but reach the level of being a highly committed follower and one who is obedient in what you do you will qualify as a "good and faithful servant",  a position of great prestige but NOT a throne -- there are a wide spectrum of ranks in this category

FOOLISH VIRGIN: If you do NOT reach that level, if you become aware of the existence of the Almighty but do NOT make an effort to serve Him on a sustained basis but do YOUR thing, run your ministry or business or life generally YOUR way with some acknowledgement of the existence of the Almighty you may quality as a foolish virgin, far from the throne but still with some measure of prestige

Most modern religious ministers who do things their way or the churches way will end up in this category

OUTER DARKNESS: If you acknowledge the existence of the Almighty but then continue your life totally ignoring Him then, when you die, you will find yourself in the place of "other darkness", so far from the throne that you can barely see it, the Almighty will ignore you for eternity just as you ignored Him throughout your  life

HELL -- THE PLACE OF CORRECTION: Finally, for ALL the above, to the extent that you have sin in your life and have broken the commandments of the Almighty and NOT repented at the date of  your death you will be sentenced to spend a part of eternity in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone which is the second death which is a place of terror and torment where you will spend time commensurate with your unrepented sin BEFORE you proceed to Heaven

IF you FAIL to believe at all you will end up as a servant of Satan and NOT enter Heaven, refer to the discussion of "The Contest" and, IF you succeed in helping Satan to win the contest you will end up as an Ancestor Spirit (Demon) on earth under Satan's harsh and cruel rule together with in excess of 100 billion other demons for eternity


Specific Messages from the Almighty

Some specific messages given by the Almighty through James Robertson (over and above the teachings, etc on this site which are inspired at different levels), there are other older messages that have NOT been catalogued yet


Seek Truth

Satan is the "mighty one" {god} of this world

Adam was put on earth to rule over the earth and the forces of darkness

However, Satan tricked Adam into submitting to him (obeying him) through eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil

At this point mankind came under the rule of Satan and Satan set about misleading us 

At the  moment of disobedience mankind, in the form of Adam and Chavah {Eve}, knew ONLY good and NO evil

We spent the 6,000 years to May 2003 learning ALL evil to the point that this generation knows ALL the evil that there is to know on earth

Almost everything that the majority of the world population believes about the Creator, the Creation, the Judgment, the Flood, etc, etc is false

We have been lied to about all of the fundamental spiritual elements of life on earth

Accordingly there is NO point in concerning ourselves with error because the level of error is so huge

What we find is that those who ARE at some level seeking to serve the Almighty become so preoccupied with the errors and sin in the world that they become sin and error (and therefore Satan) focussed instead of focussing on the Almighty

A fundamental principle is therefore to recognize that the world IS full of sin and error and RATHER focus on SEEKING TRUTH

I am NOT saying "ignore sin and error" in the sense of making light of it or accept it

I AM saying SEEK TRUTH in that you will find error and sin EVERYWHERE so, do NOT get obsessed with it

Many people who believe are effectively neutralized by Satan by becoming preoccupied with the errors of others

This is the phenomenon of the specks in the eyes of others versus the planks in our own eyes

Accept that no matter WHO you meet they WILL have error, SO, do NOT focus on the error

To focus on error is to focus on Satan

Look for the truth that they have, learn from them and, to the extent appropriate, IGNORE the sin and error

Once you have learned what there is to learn from them or when the sin and error becomes too obstructive then simply MOVE ON

Do NOT get involved in judging them and shouting at them, etc

Simply SEEK TRUTH and move on -- that way you are looking for the part in them that IS from Yah

There is only ONE being on earth that is totally evil and that is Satan

Every other being, even the most hardened Witch or Satanist, has SOME good in them


IF you come into contact with such a person, seek the truth that they have and MOVE ON

Pray constantly for Father to bring the people that He wants into your life and keep the people that he does NOT want in your life out and then learn from whoever crosses your path

and remember that the majority is ALWAYS WRONG


The Contest between Yah and Satan

The entire existence of man on earth relates to a contest between Yah and Satan to see whether Satan can totally corrupt the entire mankind in the final generation BEFORE the end of the 7,000 th year from Creation

When Satan fell he was appointed to be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone along with the third of the messengers {angels} that followed him

When he was being judged he challenged Yah to the effect that "this new creation, mankind, that you are planning to put on earth is NOT going to follow you, put me on earth with my followers and I wager that within seven thousand years I will have them ALL following me and you will NOT have a single one of them who is in a position to call on you for me to be judged"

Yah accepted the challenge and banished Satan and his followers to earth to see if they could achieve their goal

At this stage they have been much more successful than Yah expected but there is still nearly 990 years for believers of Yah to achieve victory over Satan

This website is directed at recording important truths in order to better equip the servants of Yah to serve Yah and overcome to the end of the 7,000 years 

It is also directed at evidencing to the servants of Satan that they have been misled and that the fruits of victory on their side are NOT that attractive and that therefore they should rather change sides and serve Yah -- see the page "IF Satan Wins" for more information 


All authority and dominion on earth has been given to humans, Yah and Satan are constrained to act through them

One of the huge errors in the thinking of almost all people on earth is that the Almighty Creator (Yah the Eternally Self-Existing) does what He likes on earth and that, by implication, we are all effectively glove puppets that must fit in with Him or be rejected

The fact is that when the Almighty put Adam on Earth He gave ALL authority on Earth to Adam and his children

It is also so that in terms of the rules of engagement Satan is ALSO constrained to operate on earth through human beings, firstly living human beings and secondly the spirits of humans who have died without believing in the Almighty Creator

When Adam submitted to Satan by believing and acting on his lie about eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil Adam gave this authority to Satan

After Yahooshua {Jesus}, having live a life without sin, died physically and was immediately resurrected because the curse resulting from Adam's disobedience had NO hold on him, he regained authority on earth

Again many make the mistake of believing that Yahooshua is in charge and running things on Earth

This, too, is NOT so, Yahooshua, having gained authority immediately DELEGATED it to those who followed him and went to sit at the right hand of the Almighty where he is WAITING for his enemies to be made his footstool, that is for his enemies, Satan and his servants and followers, to be brought into submission, that Yahooshua also does NOTHING on earth without the sanction of a living man or woman on earth

From the first day of Adam to today and, ongoing through to the end of the age which will be roughly May 3003 EVERYTHING on earth must take place through the words and deeds of human beings alive at the time

Thus, for Father Yah, the Almighty Creator to do ANYTHING on Earth He needs a human being to pray an appropriate prayer so that the Almighty has permission to operate on Earth and do what the Almighty wants to do

This has been even more the case since May 2003 when Satan was cast into The Pit for 1,000 years and the rules of engagement changed such that Father Yah was bound to operate strictly within the terms of the Rules of Engagement

For this reason it is vital for believers to seek to become 

1. Filled with the Spirit of the Almighty, that is "Anointed Ones" -- there are currently only about 5,000 people on earth who are sufficiently anointed to make a difference and most of them do not understand the parameters under which they are required to operate and the functions they are required to perform -- this website seeks to inform them and ALL believers of what is truly required of them

2. Wise stewards and Good and Faithful Servants -- people who act responsibly and DO and SAY what the Almighty requires of them in support of His agenda

3. Overcomers -- those who overcome sin in their lives and live lives without sin and in obedience to the commandments of the Almighty, there are only a small number of these people on earth

4. Friends of the Almighty -- people who are in close personal relationship with the Almighty and can pray His will on earth and DO His will on earth -- there are only a handful of such people on earth

The outcome of The Contest will be determined by this small group of people who are "fighting" on behalf of the Almighty, the battle is against sin and the forces of darkness

Satan too is constrained to operate through the human beings who submit to him and seek to serve him and who actively seek to be filled with numerous demons in order to give them the knowledge and authority to act on Satan's behalf

Thus if good or bad happens in your life at some level supernaturally it is as a consequence of YOUR words and deeds OR of the words and / or deeds of some other human being relative to you

As a believer you can pray in the name of Yahooshua for curses to be cut off and IF you are in right standing, that is have dealt with sin in your life, you have the latitude to ask Father in his discretion to return curses to those who have spoken them against you where they understand what they are doing -- you may also request Father to multiply the curses to the extent that He considers appropriate

It is also important to understand that everything that you speak out over yourself and others has power commensurate with your authority with the Almighty or with the Satanic realm

I encourage you, IF you are a believer, to seek to understand these things, seek to be strongly anointed, seek to draw close to Father Yah and seek to make a difference, this will LARGELY be determined by what you pray and then what you DO in response to what you have prayed and what happens to you -- refer to the page on Prayer for guidance

Hell is REAL and is for disciplining BELIEVERS with regard to unconfessed sin

"Hell" is the commonly used term for the Lake of Fire and Brimstone which is the second death which is the place of correction for unconfessed sin on the part of BELIEVERS and the place of total destruction for unbelievers IF Satan loses the Contest

Yahooshua {Jesus} died a terrible death in order to provide an atoning sacrifice for CONFESSED and REPENTED sin

If we FAIL to avail ourselves of that sacrifice by repenting to Yah for our sin in the name of Yahooshua WE, as believers, will find ourselves in a terrible place of torment and terror where we will pay the price for our unrepentend sin -- a JUST sentence given what Yahooshua went through

The answer is to constantly seek Yah to show you your sin and then to confess it and repent of it, turning around and walking away from further sin -- note that this is a journey that requires that you constantly SEEK TRUTH and, as you discover your error, repent -- this may also require that you make restitution and take other measures to rectify what you have done wrong

Some acts of restitution, such as publicly returning things you have stolen, publicly confessing fraud and lies, etc can be challenging and it is then important to keep clearly in mind that you will pay a terrible price in pain and suffering if you do NOT repent and make right

IF, as a believer, you repeatedly return to sin you will eventually be rejected for eternity and, in that case, when you die you will pay the price for your unrepented sin in Hell and THEN be cast into the Lake of Fire where you will be utterly consumed and cease to exist

As an unbeliever, IF Satan wins the Contest, you will remain on earth as an Ancestor Spirit or Demon for eternity as part of an evil and corrupt reign of over 100 billion demons

If Satan loses the Contest at the end of the 7,000 th year from Creation you will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone and after a moment of torment and terror, see image drawn by someone who has visited the place, you will be utterly destroyed


Satan rules the world through the leadership of Demonic Masterminds and human Satan Servants

In the section above it was explained that Satan is forced to operate through human beings

It is vital to understand that Satan is a messenger {angel} and has NO MORE intellectual capability than a human being

Satan and his followers seek to counterfeit the Almighty through an interesting and effective model

When an unbeliever dies, they die as a servant of Satan, therefore they have NO right to enter Heaven and they remain on Earth as an Ancestor Spirit or Demon

Their rank in the Satanic and Demonic realm is determined by their service to Satan

There is therefore a similar ranking of Satan Servants to the ranking of Believers in the Almighty Creator

Of most significance in this situation are the Demonic Masterminds, who are the leaders and, in large measure the brains, behind the Satanic forces in the battle against Yah, the Creator

These Masterminds were nearly all amongst the first UNbelievers BEFORE the Flood and they survived the Flood riding on Ham, the son of Noah

These Masterminds deceived people to worship them and gained power and authority through this worship

The Masterminds include Baal, Molech, Malak, Ashteroth, etc -- many are mentioned in the historical writings compiled in the book known as "The Bible" and in other historical writings, they have constantly deceived the masses since very early on in the Contest

More recent Masterminds include demons named Jesus, God and The LORD who, from the time that Yah withdrew grace for these blasphemous names on 1 January 2001 have been increasingly receiving the praise given to JesusGod and The LORD in lieu of the correct names Yahooshuathe Almighty and Yah the Eternally Self-Existing -- these new Masterminds are rapidly gaining power, authority and influence and are increasingly delivering sophisticated counterfeit miracles, anointings and appearances

Over the years the Masterminds have refined and revised the Satanic agenda geared to ensuring that there is NO believer in Right Standing with the Creator, firstly in 2003 when Satan was cast into the Pit (they missed this goal by one man), now their goal is to prevent there being one believer in right standing in around May 3003 to call for the return of Yahooshua

IF they succeed they will rule on earth with Satan for eternity, if they fail they, Satan and all other Satan servants will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone where, in a moment of terror and torment, they will be utterly destroyed and cease to exist

In this Contest the Masterminds each have a dedicated messenger {angel} who transports them around the world

They operate very much according to human practise, they are, after all, human

So they have conferences, they send demons on courses to learn better how to do the things of the Satanic realm, the latest lies and machinations, the thoughts to speak to their hosts, how to counterfeit the things of Yah, how to simulate the anointing of the Spirit of Yah, the latest overall strategic direction of the Satanic forces, etc

But they, too, can ONLY operate on earth through the offices of live human beings, Satanists, Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, high order Free Masons, etc -- unbelievers who have been powerfully filled with demons, whose lives are dedicated to serving Satan and the Masterminds, who actively do things, like human sacrifices, drinking human blood and other deeds that are abominations in the sight of the Almighty, in order to prove their allegiance to Satan and his leaders and thereby gain power and authority

These are the people who give the verbal instructions, pray the Satanic prayers, practice the rituals and rites of the Satanic realm in order to strengthen the Satanic realm and do the will of Satan and the Masterminds, they are all around us and, without them the Satanic realm is powerless, be aware of who you deal with and who you talk to, there are some people that you should avoid!

The success or failure of their efforts in YOUR life will be determined by the extent to which you turn to the Almighty, seek His will, deal with sin in your life, pray and DO His will, etc

The outcome of the battle is up to all who believe

What will YOU do about it?

Satan sent to the Pit for 1,000 years in May 2003

After significant preparation from a spiritual legal perspective Satan was brought before the Throne of Yah on 3 May 2003, charged and sentenced to 1,000 years in the Pit for his crimes against Yah -- he will be released in May 3003


Worship is VITAL

Worship is, in effect, making love to Yah

Worship songs should focus on Yah, on praising Him and lifting Him Up, songs about "do you know how much I love you" and other songs about "us" are invalid and at best useless and at worst dangerous

Effective worship songs should be free of error, thus songs about Jesus and worshipping Jesus are totally OUT as they open one to Satanic and demonic activity

This leaves an extremely small number of valid songs and virtually all of those are in error in terms of names, etc -- ask Yah for mercy and to replace the wrong words with accurate language

There is a GREAT need for anointed singers to record accurate and meaningful worship songs, please contact me if you are gifted in this area

We have a CD with 17 songs that we use regularly and even some of those we seldom use

That is virtually the ONLY music that we listen to, I have the same songs on my mobile phone and listen to them when out of the house and travelling

We focus on a very small number at any time that Yah leads us to use and may use the same single song for worship for an hour

We also have these songs playing constantly in our bedroom while we are away and have invited Yah to dwell in our bedroom and to fill the room with His Spirit

We have also prayed that He will forgive us for the wrong words as we do NOT have anything else

At His leading we may leave a SINGLE song playing throughout the day to sooth Him and give Him rest

It is important to minimize the extent to which one hears other music as most music is valueless and contain sinful lyrics or, at best, words that do NOTHING to help us draw close to Yah

IF you desire to draw close to Yah you need to AVOID music that does NOT feed your spirit and strengthen your anointing

I encourage you to play worship music constantly in your home and to listen to it whenever you can when out of the home, in your car, on public transport, etc

The anointing increases dramatically when you worship for a longer duration

Having worshipped for an hour at a time for many years Father recently impressed on me to worship for an hour and a half every time

I have found that the intensity with which the anointing flows increases significantly with this increased duration, it is much stronger in the last half hour

It is so that for the first half hour at least one is frequently distracted and thinking of things that need doing

It is advisable to have a pad or notepaper so that you can jot down headlines as they come up while you are worshipping -- the goal is to free your mind up to focus on Yah -- by writing short notes you clear your mind

Note that these thoughts as you are worshipping are frequently the leading of Yah as you draw closer to Him

In my experience it is only towards the end of the first hour that I come into a place of close connection with Father and therefore a stronger flow of His Spirit

Accordingly I encourage you to seek to worship for an hour and a half or even longer whenever you can

I also encourage you to consider taking on a discipline of worshipping EVERY day at the start of the day

It is my consistent experience that WHEN one exercises this discipline that the day and the week go more smoothly because I am more in tune with my Father in Heaven

Songs 4 and 6 below are, in my experience, the most pleasing to Father and the most effective in the above context



Prayer is petition to the Court of Heaven

There are prayers that are EXTREMELY powerful and prayers that are of some value and the vast majority of prayers are meaningless or presumptious or so wrong that they are sinful and can open the door for demonic occupation

This section presents some prayers that I have found particularly valuable


About Covenant

Covenant relates to the fundamental contractual relationship between Yah and mankind and between human beings

A Covenant is a robust contact that contains benefits to either party if the covenant is honored and penalties for the party that breaks the covenant

It is NOT possible to fully understand Yah, what Yahooshua achieved, marriage or commerce if you do NOT understand covenant

The most robust form of covenant involves blood as a form of oath associated with death if the covenant is broken

The Satanic forces understand covenant very well and use it highly effectively to control their followers


Words are critical

Words are critical, the entire Creation operates through words

Most people are sloppy with words and thereby bring about unintended consequences and sin in their lives

We will be judged by our words

Each one of us is accompanied by a guardian messenger {angel} who records EVERYTHING that we do and say in a book based on which we will be judged on our judgment day

Destructive words can cause harm to others and to ourselves and open us up to additional ancestor spirits {demons} being assigned to us

Idle words do nothing and are regarded as sin

Jokes are mostly lies in some shape or form

Words such as "luck" invoke demons

It is wise to be sober in our choice of words


The Bible

Many visitors to this page will find the content shocking and even offensive

I DO understand that what you will find here is EXTREMELY CHALLENGING for most believers

However, it IS the truth

Some context

In 1993 after a dramatic encounter with the Almighty and subsequent exposure to Bible based teaching that made sense I took my Bible, held it up and said something to the effect of "Father, these people say this is your word, I do not understand it but I choose to believe that it IS your word and I ask you to answer ALL my questions"

In the years that followed I read the Old Testament about twenty times in a wide variety of translations and the New Testament about 35 times in at least as many different translations, I filled about 14 notebooks with notes during my Bible reading, for many years I spent at least an hour a day and frequently more reading the Bible, I once read the Bible from cover to cover in about ten days

Then, around mid 2002 Father said to me "the Bible is NOT my Word"

It took me around two years to internalize this to a point where i posted an article in June 2004 -- "1AD.04.06.04 A Reality Check - Is the "Bible" REALLY the Inerrant Word of the Almighty"

It took me until around 2009 until I was prepared to write about this with confidence and it is ONLY in 2013 that I could hear the truth of what Yah has to say about the Bible and I may STILL be adjusting

Accordingly I counsel you to read what follows prayerfully, NOT to reject it out of hand but to go to the Almighty for confirmation

Read also http://www.end-time-issue-ministries.org/Articles/ArticleViewPage/tabid/124/ArticleId/374/2012-01-05-Getting-close-to-Yah-Appropriate-prayer-and-fasting-are-VITAL-the-answer-to-doctrinal-dif.aspx for an approach to seeking clarity on matters of teaching {doctrine}

If you scan this page from bottom to top you will roughly follow the more recent stages of the journey of adjustment and discovery that I have followed.

I pray that as you study this page you will come to understand the truth about the book commonly known as "The Bible".


Yah says that the bible is "the Greatest Idol" on ear