Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, the Almighty Creator says:

"I created human beings, this planet and this universe for men and women to be my friends, my companions, to explore and learn and develop together, my greatest grief is that almost NO person understands this let alone seeks such a relationship with me!"

"The 'Rules of Engagement' between myself (Yah) and Satan prevent me telling YOU anything you do NOT know UNLESS YOU ask me or do something to put yourself in a place to hear NEW truths from me"

'"I (Yah) am limited in speaking to YOU by the mental barriers YOU have put in place with regard to what YOU believe I can say to you AND by YOUR vocabulary"


The Almighty Creator wants a deep personal relationship with YOU as His FRIEND

and wants to REWARD you in the life to come!

See pages Where are YOU Headed and What should YOU do for more information 

The purpose of serving Yah is NOT for what He will give us in THIS life, but for what we will give Him in exchange for His rewards to us in the life to come!!



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These three articles are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, please read!!

Note that you can ONLY draw really close to our Father in Heaven IF you go to Him directly, human beings can give you suggestions BUT He will lead you along a unique path designed just for YOU -- no human being can do this

Pray "Father Yah I desire to draw close to You, please take me by the hand and guide me so that I may come to know You and have a deep personal relationship with You"

Then DO whatever you find to do, pray whatever you find to pray, read whatever you find to read, speak to whomever you find to speak to, go wherever you find to go, as Father leads, constantly ask Him for guidance and constantly check in with Him -- He wants you to hear Him and be led by Him to become first a servant, then an overcomer and finally a friend

There is much on this website to assist you with this journey -- I encourage you to GO FOR IT

You might like to start with the Creator Desires FRIENDS page.


An engineering approach to religion and knowledge of the Most High Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Yah the eternally self-existing

In my teens and twenties I became increasingly disenchanted with the church because what it taught was inconsistent and often did not make sense, eventually I walked away and fell into serious sin

In 1993, steeped in sin and planning to kill myself, the Almighty spoke to me audibly such that I knew with absolute certainty that He was real

At that time I realized that if I had died that day I would NOT have entered heaven, I took a very intense decision to turn around and serve Him who had spoken to me

I am an engineer by training with a BSc and PhD in Civil Engineering and I consult to management on the strategic application of computer systems.

Having concluded that the Almighty WAS real I also concluded that, having created me, and all that I saw around me He WAS the best engineer in the Universe and, accordingly, He would NOT expect me to compromise my engineering training in terms of rigor or intellect

I hold that engineering is one of the most demanding occupations on the planet today, make a mistake and buildings collapse, systems fail.  The world of structures, machines, electronics, software is extremely unforgiving and therefore the level of rigor that engineers perforce adopt is great.  I decided that the Almighty would NOT expect me to compromise on my engineering rigor even a little bit and therefore EVERYTHING was capable of rigorous analysis and understanding

In over 20 years I have NEVER found reason to go back on or question this decision

I also chose to rely on the Almighty Himself to guide me.

Yes I would learn from people BUT, when I did NOT understand what they said, I would ALWAYS turn to Him for answers.  I have slipped on this a few times and relied on men BUT nearly ALL the time I have relied on Him to teach me.  In the process I have come to understand that just about everything that the church teaches is massively in error and at odds with the truths of the Almighty, just as was the case in the days of Yahooshua {Jesus}

Since 2000 almost all my learning has been directly from Him with other humans providing occasional snippets of information

What is presented on this website is founded on these two principles -- engineering rigour and answers directly from the Almighty.  This is underpinned by an intense personal experiential knowledge of the existence of the Almighty Creator grounded in His deep desire to have a DEEP personal relationship with each one of us AND to talk to us and counsel us and guide us in EVERYTHING

He is JUST as interested in your areas of expertise and interest as you are.  He created each one of us to walk with Him and talk with Him

When considering what you find on this site please keep in mind that you should NEVER follow me or ANY other human, follow ONLY Yah.  It is up to YOU what you take from this site, you must exercise your intellect.

Be aware that I am human and fallible and come from the same background of gross error as everyone else on this planet and, accordingly, my understanding today is in many cases very different to what it was ten years ago or even more recently.  Accordingly my recent articles may differ materially from earlier articles on the same subject.  The more recent articles are generally more accurate.

At the end of the day YOU must discern what is truth and what is error on this website -- you are accountable for what you believe on the Day of Judgment.

Should you find issues you disagree with you are welcome to contact me.

That said I testify that I have spent thousands of hours seeking to draw close to Father and that I have prayed regularly to be shown the level of my present deception and how to correct it and asked for judgement for sin so I DO have a high level of confidence that much of what is on this site IS largely given by Him and can be trusted.

I pray that as you visit this site you will find reasons to draw closer to Him, that you will find answers to difficult questions and that your intellect will be challenged in the satisfying way that mine has been

James Robertson, PrEng, BSc (Eng), PhD

Yah, the Almighty Creator says:

"There is a huge issue in terms of believers thinking they can believe what suits them and do what suits them thereby abdicating their responsibility to serve me faithfully and overcome"

WHY Believe in the Almighty Creator and seek relationship with Him

This addresses the most fundamental question facing every human being

WHY believe in the Almighty Creator?

The short answer is that IF you believe in Him you qualify to spend eternity in Heaven with Him

In this context He has said “why would I want someone to spend eternity with me when they do NOT believe I exist?”

IF you do NOT believe He exists once you die you will spend the remainder of the 7,000 years from Creation as an Ancestor Spirit or Demon and, at the end of the 7,000 years IF Satan wins the Contest you will remain on earth as an ancestor spirit under the rule of Satan for eternity

If Satan loses the contest you will be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone and utterly consumed in a moment of terror and torment

So, there are some GOOD reasons to believe in the Creator 

Furthermore, should you choose to believe you then have the opportunity to pay no attention to Him in this life and spend eternity in the "Outer Darkness" in Heaven a dark and cold place where you are ignored for eternity the same way you ignored the Creator in this life


You can put significant effort into building a close relationship with Him so that you qualify as an Overcomer or Friend and sit on a high throne close to Him for eternity in a position of great power, esteem and authority

The choice is yours


The Essential Goals of this Website

1. Seeking a deep and intimate personal relationship with the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing and infilling with His Spirit

2. Seeking Judgment in this life in order to overcome to the end and be found a Good and Faithful Servant on the Day of Judgment

3. Seeking to restore the lost Truth's of the Almighty Creator and correction of error towards All Truth

4. Seeking Truth NOT Error

5. Seeking practical and accurate understanding of the world we live in and how to live this life

6. Seeking to learn how to reign over the forces of darkness in this life

7. Seeking to challenge YOU to raise your game in your relationship with the Almighty Creator, Yah the Eternally Self-Existing TODAY

About End Time Issue Ministries

When Father gave me the name "End Time Issue Ministries" in the latter part of the 90's I had very little understanding of "the end times" and thought that "Jesus is coming soon"

I had NO idea that over the next sixteen years I would come to have a radically different understanding of the End Times to the widely held beliefs, that I would be challenging just about every area of church teaching and that I would have written thousands of pages on related matters

I also had NO idea that the "End Times" in fact related to a period of a thousand years during which men would be required to restore the truths of the Almighty lost in the first six thousand years in a contest with Satan that would either see Satan rule on earth for eternity, or be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, together with all his followers both messengers {angels} and humans {demons / ancestor spirits}

End Time Issue ministries has as its core focus being to seek the truths of the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, whose true name is Yah the Eternally Self-Existing, and publish these on the Internet for those who are seeking truth to evaluate and take on board IF they discern what is presented to be valid and valuable with a view to ensuring that the Almighty wins the contest and Yahooshua does return to receive his kingdom

If while visiting this site you conclude that there really is a Creator and you have doubted or not believed previously, click here for a suggested prayer to pray >>

If while visiting this site you conclude that you have been in serious sin with regard to the Names, the person of Yahooshua, the book {bible}, etc click here for a suggested prayer to pray>>

Click here for a selection of directional and defensive prayers that I have found to be powerful and effective>>

Caution: This website contains ERRORS

22 March 2014

At this date this website contains of the order of close to 1,000 articles and 500 pages

Some of the items were written as long ago as 1998

At that time I believed that the name of the Almighty Creator was "God" or "The LORD", that he had come to earth in the form of a man called "Jesus" who had died on a cross, that He had reserved Sunday as his day of rest and worship, etc

In the years that followed I progressively learned that "God", "The LORD" and "Jesus" were blasphemous names and the true name of the Almighty Creator is "Yah the eternally self-existing" frequently reflected as "Yahooeh" or less accurately "Yahweh".  The MAN commonly called "Jesus" was a man filled with the Spirit of the Almighty and that his true name is "Yahooshua" meaning "Yah is salvation".  This man died on a "stake' and NOT a "cross"  -- the cross is a Satanic pornographic symbol.  I also learned that Sunday is the first day of the week and the day of the Sun and is a Satanic sabbath and that Yah's true Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, Saturday.  I have learned a huge number of other important truths many of which are presented on this website

I have also learned the importance of fasting in drawing close to Yah and hearing Him clearly and have also been through numerous sessions of deliverance from demons such that I ALSO know with certainty that things I wrote many years ago that I truly believed were from Father contain material error

I have learned many other things and continue to learn day by day such that I know with certainty that most of the older articles contain material error although they ALSO contain significant truth

As I learn day be day I can look back on things I wrote even a week or a few weeks ago and realize that some of what I wrote contains error

Yet Father Yah has told me  NOT to go back and censor or edit or remove older articles but to leave them on the site

He has told me that it is up to YOU to discern truth from error and to turn to Yah to seek truth and NOT rely on me

See the pages on "Relationship with Yah" and  "Seek Truth Not Error" for more information

Going forward

I have NO certainty that I will not fall away into error as so many have done in this age and therefore I have NO certainty that what I may write in the next few minutes let alone many months or years from now will be accurate

I believe that what I have written in the last few years IS largely accurate and yet I know that my  understanding has developed considerably in that time

I believe that what I am writing at the moment is largely accurate but, since I do NOT know what I do NOT know I cannot give you ANY guarantee

Accordingly, I urge you to turn to Father Yah and seek a deep personal relationship with Him such that He can tell you PERSONALLY what is truth and what is error

James Robertson

22 March 2014


There is much on this site that is controversial -- what do you do if you do not agree?

A substantial amount of what is presented on this website is unconventional and much is highly controversial, some would say "provocative"

That has been the lot of Yah's spokesmen and women {prophets} throughout the ages

The challenge with regard to this controversy is to establish what IS true

Debate and rational discussion is unlikely to resolve such disputes, it was that sort of thinking that got the human race into the situation it is in in the first place

There is ONLY one way to find out if what I have written is totally correct, partially correct or totally incorrect, ask the Almighty

If you do NOT have a relationship with the Almighty at a level which allows you to ask the question "Father, is what James Robertson writes about such and such correct?" then that is the first problem to be overcome

Our Father in heaven created mankind in order for EACH ONE OF US to have a DEEP PERSONAL relationship with Him such that we can EACH ask that question ourselves

Father did NOT intend you to have to figure it out with your own intellect, ask your Pastor, Priest or Home Cell Leader or ANY other human being

He intended for YOU to ask Him directly

For this reason I will NOT engage in debate or rationalization with you -- I WILL answer sincere requests seeking knowledge, amplification or clarification

Please take note of the fact that I declare that there are MANY errors on this site because the content has been written over more than 16 years and I have learned a considerable amount in that period so, if you find something that is relatively old that you do NOT agree with first check out whether it is corrected in a later article and, PROVIDED you are seeking knowledge, by ALL means email me for clarification -- James@End-Time-Issue-Ministries.org

Assuming that you do NOT hear Father Yah clearly enough to simply ask Him if what I have written is valid and then clearly hear His answer I suggest the following:

1. Pray the prayers that are set out further down this page -- in particular ask Father to show you the level of your present deception and how to correct it and ask Him to judge you severely and correct you harshly so that you may serve Him more perfectly -- do this daily for a year and make all the corrections that you are shown -- there are many other prayers on the Prayer page

2. Worship DAILY for at least an hour using anointed worship songs -- see the Worship page for my recommendations

3. Clean up your life comprehensively, deal with ALL sin in your life and seek to eliminate ALL unacceptable practices from your life -- see the Life without Sin page

4. Seek help from an anointed servant of the Almighty to cast out ALL demons -- see the page on Immersion for Cleansing and related pages

5. Go on seven three day total fasts (water only) at intervals of seven days and repeat again at intervals of six months until you have completed three programs of fasting over slightly more than a year and dealt with all you find to deal with during and after these fasts -- you could also go on a forty day water only fast instead if you are in a hurry but you then need to arrange medical supervision and be prepared for the possibility that you will be very weak and confined to bed for the second half of the fast -- see the page onFasting

6. Focus on developing a close personal relationship with Father -- see the Relationship with Yah page 

7. Ask Father whether the item you are questioning that I have written is correct -- you can also ask Him to speak to you through others, through books, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc and be alert to any indication that He IS speaking to you -- by the time you have carried out points 1 to 6 you will find that the Almighty is revealing things to YOU that I have NOT addressed and He will readily inform you as to which of my writings are accurate and which not

8. Email me

The REAL ISSUE is for you to get MUCH closer to Father THEN you do NOT need to stress about the validity of what I have written, you will KNOW

About our Logo

The End Time Issue Ministries Logo which looks like a flattened S on its side represents the continuum between the good of Yah and the evil of Satan.

The left hand side which dips down dips down to the extreme of all evil in the Pit of Hell which is Satan's way of doing things

The right hand side which rises steeply rises to the extreme of all good in Heaven which is the Almighty Creator&